Serving as an Adams Advisor creates a virtuous cycle: you build relationships with UNC's most successful alums, get inspired working with students, and give back to the University

about the advisors

Adams advisors are successful founders, funders, and high growth executives at various stages in their careers.  They come from a broad selection of industries - from technology to clean energy, consumer products to finance - and a diverse range of functional expertise - from marketing to finance, and human resources to strategy.  They've created enterprise values across different-sized organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to state governments.  They are all UNC alums, or friends of UNC, and share a commitment to developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.


We know you are busy! As an Advisor, the Adams Apprenticeship program is designed to make an efficient, high-leverage use of your time.  We ask for 3-5 hours of time every six months, but we can increase or decrease your commitment at any time.   You will likely receive requests from students for initial networking phone calls or coffee shop meet-ups, where you will review their personal leadership plans.  After meeting students, one or two of them may ask you to advise them in a more formal capacity, or perhaps serve on their personal board of advisors.  Should you accept, this will be a one hour commitment to the student every six months.

Of course, there are also networking events in the Triangle, New York and San Francisco that we'd love to have you attend.

Meanwhile, students expect your honest, good-intentioned feedback and perspective.  They'll be coming to you with the hard questions - "Should I accept my offer at Google or work on my start-up?" - and you are expected to challenge their assumptions, provide advice, and commit to making an impact in their careers. 


benefits of mentoring

Here are a few reasons Advisors are committing to the Apprenticeship program:

  • Give back to UNC - "I love this school, and this is a unique way to give back."
  • Talent identification - "These kids are talented. I want to hire them."
  • Opportunity identification - "There are some intriguing businesses being developed by students.  I may be able to help them."
  • Strengthen personal network with like-minded alums - "This is the most talented, influential group of alums I've been around."
  • Have fun - "The energy of the students is contagious, their ideas are inspiring, and I love investing time in them."

Interested in getting involved?  Please email Dina Rousset at 

Thus far, my experiences within the program have connected me to like-minded mentors who approach the world with curiosity and ambition. Essentially, as apprentices, we view mentors as role models and seek to emulate their successes (and failures) in one way or another in order to foster our own path’s to success. I’ve learned more from 5 minute conversations with certain individuals than semester long courses. – Fletcher Cox, Apprentice 2016

List of Adams Advisors

Peter Johnson

David Jones

Nick Jordan

Alex Katz

Alex Kaufman

Betty Kenan

Tom Kenan

Malcolm Kendall

Jim Kitchen

Adam Klein

Martin Lagod

Russ Lange

Ken Lee

Kevin Leibel

Erik Lensch

Brian Levesque

Laure Levesque

Tony Levitan

Tom Lewis

Chris Lindland

Asher Lipsitz

David Logan

Whitney Low Narcisse

Adriel Lubarsky

Mike Lunsford

Riana Lynn

Scott Maitland

Steve Malik

Carly Mask

Merrill Mason

Craig Mathews

Johanna Maxham

Laurie McCartney

Fred McCoy

Marilou McFarlane

Brad McGinity

Camille McGirt

Rachel McGirt

Ricky McMahon

Brian McMerty

Spyros Messados

Jamen Miller

Jared Molton

Natalya Montgomeyr

Bill Moore

Randy Myer

Sunil Nagaraj

Dave Neal

Jill Newbold

Tom Newby

Daniel Outen

Jack Paley

Jay Patel

Cam Patterson

Andrea Perdomo

Mihir Pershad

Sean Peterson

Jacob Petralia

Samantha Petrie

Kirk Phelps

Paul Piscitelli

John Pistone

Bryce Pitts

Jared Polivka

Ashton Poole

Paul Poole

Todd Pope

Stuart Presnell

Arun Rajanala

Jed Record

Chip Rich

Nicholas Richardson

Matthew Richmond

Patrick Riess

Dave Rizzo

Larry Robbins

Taylor Robinette

Oliver Rose

David Routh

Brian Sanders

Linda Sanders

Arvind Satyam

Dennis Schaecher

Mark Scullion

Tom Sekel

Erik Severinghaus

Shruiti Shah

Nikita Shamdasani

Sriram Shankar

Tyler Shields

Jed Simmons

Amit Singh

Biri Singh

Jaggi Singh

Martin Sinozich

Aaron Smith

Charlie Songhurst

Sean Spero

David Spitz

Bill Starling

John Stedman

Robert Stevens

Ryan Stone

Deborah Stroman

Fred Stutzman

Frank Sutton

Eric Teague

Andy Thompson

Joe Vance

Sumit Vohra

Edgar Walker

Chris Wedding

Damien Weiss

Sean West

Ned Wheeler

Alexander Wilheim

Scott Wingo

Tucker York

Calvin Young

Laura Zavelson

Doug Zinn

List updated August 2017

Adam Abram

Susan Acker-Walsh

Aimee Adamec

J. Q. Adams

Vicki Adams

John Adams Jr.

Scott Albert

Robbie Allen

Daniel Almirall

Peyton Anderson

Greg Anglum

Rick Bain

David Ball

Todd Ballenger

Harrison Bard

Houston Barnes

Fred Barringer

John Battle

Doug Becker

Eric Becker

Greg Becker

Mark Bensen

Raj Bhatia

Chris Bingham

Michael Biron

Nick Black

Bill Bobbitt

Phaedra Boinodiris

Will Bondurant

Kevin Bowles

Joseph Bowman

Richard Boyd

Paul Boyer

Arnaud Brachet

Kirkland Bradley

Cameron Braun

Juliano Braz

Terry Brookshire

Dorian Burton

Tripp Burwell

Joel Bush

John Cambier

Brady Campbell

Graham Carroll

Lowry Caudill

Bryce Chaney

Greg Chang

Debt Chatterjee

Kevin Clark

Tom Collopy

Joe Collopy

Brent Comstock

Judith Cone

Maurice Conti

Belton Copp

Fletcher Cox

Becca Crabb

Shannon Cummings

Matt Curtis

Render Dahiya

Jan Davis

Mitch DeForest

Lister Delgado

Joe DeSimone

Ron DiFelice

Robin Donohoe

Thomas Doochin

Kristel Dorion

Alison Dorsey

Jason Dunn

Michael Elliott

Jim Fain

Conor Farese

Warren Feng

Morris Fine

Adam Fischer

Ben Fisher

Kevin FitzGerald

Leif Forer

J.J. Froehlich

Logan Gants

Pierce Gaynor

Morris Gelblum

Perry Genova

Vickie Gibbs

Alain Glanzman

Natalie Gonzalez Chavez

James Goodmon, Jr.

Bill Goodwin

Chris Gorges

Susan Gravely

Mike Griffin

Alec Guettel

Cameron Guice

Charlotte Guice

Clay Hamner

Devin Hanaway

Boyd Harden

Jonathan Harmon

Conor Hartman

Benjamin Hartmere

Bryan Hassin

Chris Heimers

Chris Heivly

Austin Helms

Jeff Henriod

David Heslop

Luke Holman

Don Holzworth

Kasha Homaifar

Elliott Honeycutt

William Hoos

Aaron Houghton

John Howell

Ian Howes

Jonathan Huffman

Katie Hughes

C. Scott Hultman

Fred Hutchison

Sharif Ibrahim

William Jarvis

Katie Jennison