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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I eligible for the program?
    • The program will accept 10-15 undergraduate juniors and 10-15 graduate students. All UNC graduate programs are eligible.  Graduate students must be in their second-to-last year of their program (eg. 1st year MBA, 2L, etc.) The program spans the calendar year to optimize for students’ recruiting and venture launches (Jan 2019 - Dec 2019).  This enables Apprentices to leverage the Adams resources for both internship and full-time job searches.
  • If I have never started a business, can I still apply?
    • Yes. In addition to founders, many of our applicants go on to be funders or growth executives. Your application should demonstrate that you have an entrepreneurial mindset and that you have been innovative in past endeavors. 
  • If I am studying abroad for a semester in 2019, can I still apply? How do we feel about this based on this year?
    • Yes. While the apprenticeship is only one year, you are a member of the network for life. However, we do expect that those abroad make extra efforts to take part in the program while abroad (Skype, potentially flying to major events, etc) and make sure to prioritize the apprenticeship during their semester at UNC. Additionally, we expect all apprentices to make every effort to attend our Gala and Conference in February, 2019 whether stateside or abroad.
  • Do you accept PhD students into the program?  
    • Yes. You must show that you have an entrepreneurial mindset and expect to be a founder, funder or growth executive after graduation. If you are in at least the second year of your PhD program, you are eligible to apply.
  • What are the requirements of students in the program?  Why do we ask students to prioritize the Adams Apprenticeship?
    • The Apprenticeship is generously funded by donations and students are turned away each year. The Apprenticeship is designed for "all in" entrepreneurs who will proactively engage in the program. By submitting your application, you agree that participating in the Adams Apprenticeship will be a priority among your 2019 student obligations. This includes attending events, co-curriculars and actively engaging in the program. Please refer to this page
  • Who should I have write my recommendation? 
    • We highly recommend someone who knows you in a professional context and can speak to your promise as an entrepreneurial leader. We don’t recommend having friends or family members write a recommendation. 
  • Can I save my application once I start it?  
    • Yes, and you can view the application in whole below.