2015 Calendar of Events

The purpose of the Adams Apprenticeship is to accelerate the entrepreneurial careers of UNC's highest potential student leaders.  Through a series of networking events, co-curricular sessions and company tours, the program provides students with exposure to how world class entrepreneurs operate, as well as the resources to become the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.



January 13: Adams Kick-off Reception in Chapel Hill (Advisors & Apprentices)

January 13: Co-curricular #1 "Developing your personal network" with Ted Zoller & Brett Nicol

February 9: Co-curricular #2 "Introduction to the Adams Apprenticeship program" with Brett Nicol in Durham's American Underground

March 23: Co-curricular #3 "Entrepreneurial Skill Assessment: StrengthsFinder" with David Bond

April 19-20: New York City Networking Trip & Company Tours (Advisors & Apprentices)

April 28: Co-curricular #4 "Career Paths of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs: Founders, Funders & Growth Executives" with Bill Goodwin

May 4: Spring Networking event at Lonerider Brewery


August 24: Welcome back bbq at Launch Chapel Hill

September 8: Fall kick-off at Google Chapel Hill (Advisors & Apprentices)

September 14: Co-curricular #5, "Building Your Entrepreneurial Leadership Plan Workshop" with David Bond, 5-7pm (Advisors & Apprentices)

September 28: Co-curricular #6, "Building Your Personal Board of Advisors Workshop" with Scott Brown (Advisors & Apprentices)

October 1: Begin accepting applications for Class of 2016

October 20, 5:30-7:30pm @ Launch: Adams info session for prospective applicants

November 1: Application deadline for Class of 2016

November 12-13: San Francisco Networking Trip & Company Tours (Advisors & Apprentices)

December 5: Class of 2016 announced

January 19/20/21, 2016: Adams Kick-off Reception (Advisors & Apprentices)