Healthy Girls Save the World Pitch Competition was a Huge Success!

As described on its website, Healthy Girls Save the World (HGSW) is a non-profit dedicated to promoting healthy minds, bodies, and relationships for middle school girls in North Carolina.

Founded by Camille McGirt (Adams '16), the organization recently hosted a pitch competition as part of its 2017 Summer Experience in North Carolina in which program participants presented health entrepreneurship pitches to a panel of judges. The theme was "Tech Queens of N.C.," and the competition helped expose participants to the applications of STEM fields and technology. In teams of 3-4, participants developed an idea for a health enhancing app/mobile web site that could help to solve one of the following problems for middle school girls:

  • Stress and Anxiety (Healthy Minds)
  • Body Image (Healthy Minds) 
  • Sedentary Screen Time (Healthy Bodies) 
  • Physical Activity (Healthy Bodies) 
  • Fruit and Vegetable Intake (Healthy Bodies)
  • Family Health Environment (Healthy Relationships) 
  • Bullying (Healthy Relationships)

Please enjoy a recap video of the 2017 Summer Experience here!

To learn more about Healthy Girls Save the World, visit its website at