Summer Recap: Where Students Spent Their Summers

The 31 Adams Apprentices spent the summer in start-ups and Fortune 10 companies, as founders and managers, working in operations to finance to strategy, from Chapel Hill to Shanghai.  The one commonality is impact.  Learn more about our Apprentices, and the impact they made this summer below.

Ricky McMahon - MBA '16

  • BlipMe, Founder
  • Highlight: "Raising $50K investment and launching beta iOS version of app"
  • What's Ahead: "Building a user base for BlipMe"

David Ball - MBA '16

  • National Park Service - Business Plan Consultant
  • Highlight: "Getting paid to go surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and biking"
  • What's Ahead: "Expanding the Kenan Institute's footprint into Latin America by creating partnerships with accelerators, incubators, and universities."

Adriel Lubarsky- BSBA '15

  • Morph- CEO
  • Highlight: "Managed the entire process of starting a company, in time to launch on schedule, on August 31st. Managed two engineers, was incorporated, signed a major customer, opened Square 1 bank account, created insurance policy, recruited 25 drivers to join platform."
  • What's Ahead: "My startup, Morph, is launching on August 31st. My focus is on driver recruitment (aiming for 200 by December), development of driver benefits (make deals with local car washes, repair shops, and restaurants for discounts for Morph drivers), and platform improvement (hoping to hire contract engineers to build various parts of platform)."

Whitt Larkin - MBA '16

  • Harris Williams & Co - Investment Banking Summer Associate
  • Highlight: "Learning the middle market M&A process while working on the sale of two companies with $250M+ revenue."
  • What's Ahead: "I am pursuing business ideas in the restaurant/bar and healthy food spaces."

Austin Helms- Undergrad '16

  • Bootstrap Advisors- Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Highlight: "Managing/Selling four different startup products through retail channels. "
  • What's Ahead: "My startup, Waterless Buddy's, was accepted into Launch Chapel Hill and we're currently building out a more concrete business model for launch in 2016. This summer we were featured in USA Today & ABC 11! We're currently partnering with the Rams Club to provide car details before football games!"

Jake Petralia - MBA/MSPH ' 16

  • Transcend Insights, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Humana specializing in Population Health Management technology - Product Management Intern
  • Highlight: "Learning about predictive/prescriptive analytics as it pertains to population health management and clinical decision making; learned a ridiculous amount about the population health management space, the players within it and their capabilities."
  • What's Ahead: "Working on an idea that leverages prescriptive analytics for exercise."

Thomas Doochin- Undergrad '16

  • CommuniGift--CEO
  • Highlight: "Meeting Reese Witherspoon at one of the first CommuniGift birthday parties. Her kids were attending the party as guests!"
  • What's Ahead: "We will continue working on CommuniGift, trying to scale in LA while launching in North Carolina. We started around the holiday season, putting the adopt-a-family model online. This summer, we launched our next phase around children's birthdays. We allow children, encouraged by their parents, to celebrate their own birthday by providing a special birthday experience for a child in need. Guest are invited to the party via our platform where they can then purchase an item off the wishlist of the child in need while RSVPing."

Daniel Almirall - MBA '16

  • ExxonMobil Chemical - Global Marketing
  • Highlight: Recommended a $3.6M+ global IT solution to reduce labeling errors by 75% on 200K+ deliveries/year with an NPV of $460K+. Established a new regional growth strategy targeting a specialty chemical product portfolio; forecasted to increase margins by $7M+ over 5 years
  • What's Ahead: Evaluating feasibility of expanding my venture to my full time job after graduation. Textile Solutions helps companies recycle and repurpose manufacturing byproducts in sustainable and innovative ways. Our team of experienced professionals will evaluate your process free of charge and work with a network of over 500 different recycling facilities in the textiles, nonwovens, fibers, and plastics industries to streamline your disposal processes and increase revenues while moving your facility towards a zero-landfill footprint.

Whitnie Low - MBA '16

  • First Round Capital - Advisory Manager
  • Highlight: Fixing startup advising, working with 250+ First Round founders and 300 experts.
  • What's Ahead: Full-time MBA student, and full-time First Round employee continuing to provide post-investment support to our community of founders.

Belton Copp - MBA ’16, MEM ‘16

  • Restoration Systems - Financial Analyst and Market Analyst for Water Quality Trading markets
  • Highlight: Learning about mitigation around the country and helping develop new markets. Evaluating financials for multiple JV projects, including speculative mitigation banks and State RFPs.
  • What's Ahead: BetaOutdoors, selling online by Christmas and in stores by spring.

Mihir Pershad - Undergrad 2016

  • Dormo Glasses, Project Management Intern
  • Highlight: Learning about the FDA approval process and working on diverse projects to bring a product to market
  • What's Ahead: My nonprofit startup, SUCCEED, will be expanding to Duke and NCSU and securing large-scale funding for national expansion.

Logan Gants, MBA '16

  • Gannett, Business Consultant in the Gannett Innovation Lab
  • Highlight: Launching a project that I pitched to company executives last fall
  • What's Ahead: A startup that provides customized anti-ad block solutions for digital publishers

Alex Wilhelm - BSBA '16

  • Wells Fargo - Financial Analyst (Energy & Power)
  • Highlight: Learned about financing vehicles for renewable energy and midstream distribution assets
  • What's Ahead: My non-profit, United Solar Initiative, is working with World Vision to mechanize 100 water pumps throughout Africa through solar energy applications

Sean West - MBA '16

  • Cisco Systems - Strategy & Operations Business Analyst
  • Highlight: Working on an Acquisitions sourcing project in an emerging software space, with the potential for Cisco to acquire a company I selected
  • What's Ahead: I will be working with 2 local venture or angel firms through the new Private Equity Mentor program and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, so I should stay plenty busy learning as much as I can. I'm also still running my first business, Wanderer Imports, and laying the groundwork for involvement with a high impact startup team solving a big problem TBD.  

Stuart Presnell- MBA 2016

  • DuPont- MLDP Intern- Financial Segment Development Manager for the Solar Business
  • Highlight: Learned about the complex US solar finance deal structure and attended the Renewable Energy Finance Conference in New York. 
  • What's Ahead: Working on the feasibility and business plan of a startup this fall. 

Daniel Outen - MBA '16

  • Prudential Mortgage Capital - Investment Associate
  • Highlight: Managed underwriting of CMBS and General Account debt across asset classes and domestic markets. 
  • What's Ahead: My startup, RideTicker, is a localized, on-the-fly carpooling app. A team of three other UNC students hope to have working prototype on the App Store by 12/31/15. 

Sean Spero - Undergrad 2016

  • Financial Analyst Intern | RTI International

  • Highlight: As part of the International Development Group, I spent my summer assisting Business Proposal Managers with budgets and business volumes for both government and commercial clients on over 5 different continents. Some of these projects included governance system improvement in Indonesia, educational assistance training in Nicaragua, and Malaria prevention in Zimbabwe for a combined value of over $85M in revenue for Q2 FY '15. Furthermore, I conducted emerging market research and competitive intelligence for the Strategic Pricing Team. Lastly, I had the incredible opportunity to explore my own data analysis project by creating statistical models to better understand how certain variables can affect the firms overall win rate. 

  • What's Next: In addition to exploring new technologies and pivot opportunities for my current start up, AdBreakTV, I also recently joined a new start up called College Pad which aims to be the Uber of international college consultancy. At this point in my education, however, I am mainly focused on seeking analyst and associate opportunities with venture capital, consulting, and other investment firms for 2016. My goal is to one day be an emerging market venture capitalist that helps entrepreneurs in developing countries go from a simple idea to finding the perfect product-market fit. 

Will Jarvis - Undergrad 2016

  • Peony Solutions - Intern
  • Highlight: I was thrust into the role of building our business model, our recruitment strategy, and with helping our founder proof her concept. The company doubled in size during my time in Shanghai (we hired 5 paid employees), and raised enough money to keep us going until the 1st of the year.
  • What's Ahead: When I was 10, I wanted to be a venture capitalist after viewing a 60 Minutes spot on Tom Perkins. My time in China did nothing but to solidify that ambition, that building the future is the place I am meant to be . 

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