The Adams Apprenticeship Class of 2019


GRaduate Students

Alma Beciragic - Environmental Science and Chemistry

Alexander Brandwein - MBA, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate

Bradley Cummings - MBA, Entrepreneurship and Finance

Jonathan Espitia - MBA, Entrepreneurship

Modoluwamu Fatukasi - MBA, Entrepreneurship

Susanna Harris - Microbiology and Immunology

Wulin Jiang - Eshelman School of Pharmacy

John Jones - Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Diana Lee - Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Shashwat Mittal - MBA, Digital Data Analytics, Marketing and Technology

Melissa Sieffert - MBA, Finance

Andrew Slaughter - MBA, Entrepreneurship

Lindsay Sullivan - Biomedical Engineering

UNdergraduate Students

Jasper Brindis - Business

Cameron Champion - Environmental Science

Sawyer Covington - Business

Marianne Cruzat - Business

Anisha Datta - Statistics

Sebastian Elie-York - Public Health

Tadros Ghanem - Business

Nicolas Gomez - Business

Zachary Gonzalez - Economics

Charley Gowland - Business

Scott Hiller - Economics, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Tai Huynh - Computer Science

Mary McCall Leland - Business and Education Policy

Andrew McKinnon - Computer Science

Ritwik Pavan - Business and Computer Science

Patrick Rosemond - School of Media and Journalism

Matthew Schaefer - Business

Laura Selby - Communication and Public Policy

Baaqir Yusuf - Business


The Adams Apprenticeship Class of 2018


Graduate Students

Carrie Carson - MBA, Healthcare

Karthik Chandrasekar - Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Brian Dienes - MBA, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Terrence Driver - MBA, Entrepreneurship

Nicholas Haigh - School of Law, Consulting

Damon Hartye - MBA, Sustainable Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

John Huang - MBA, Entrepreneurship

Jesse Martin - Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Mary Margaret Milley - MBA, Healthcare and Entrepreneuship

Nkechinyere Nwoko - Health Policy and Management

Rachael Paolino - MBA, Healthcare

Alex Waters - MBA, Finance and Entrepreneurship

Emily Wrona - Biomedical Engineering

Jimmy Xu - Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Undergraduate Students

Jack Amoroso - Business

Sreya Atluri - Business

Nina Barnett - Physics and Dramatic Arts

Scott Diekema - Philosophy and South Asian Studies

Lucas DiPietrantonio - Business

Caroline Dooley - Business

Talpha Everette - Sustainable Development

Jerry Fung - Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies

Raymundo Garcia - Public Policy

Sabah Kadir - Public Policy

Vibhor Kedia - Business Administration

Benjamin Kocan - Computer Science

Kristin Reed - Biomedical Engineering

Nirvaan Sawhney - Mathematical Decision Sciences and Economics

Anastasia Soule - Public Policy, Economics and Social Innovation

Gabriella Stein - Computer Science

Siddhant Vats - Economics


The Adams Apprenticeship Class of 2017


Alexandra Hehlen - Business

Andrew Skinner - Business

Damian Walker - Business

Destiny Harrell- Business

Garrett Locklear - Peace, War and Defense

Josh Jackson - Business

Karla Garcia - Public Policy

Kristen Lee - Business

Luke Lechner - Communications

Madrid Danner-Smith - Interdisciplinary Studies

Nina Luker - School of Media and Journalism

Sami Lachgar - Business

Sophie Whelchel - Global Studies

Tyler Tonnesen - Business


Abhishek Kumar - MBA

Alina Clarke - Public Health

Amela Dybeli - MBA

Armando Chekerdemian - MBA

Brittany Kielhurn - MBA

Chijioge Nwogu - MBA

David Mansor - School of Law

Harry Masters - MBA

Irenie Habib - MBA

Julian Boyd - MBA

Matthew Dallhoff - MBA

Nash Prince - MBA

Ray Jang - MBA

Sophia Alvarez - MBA

Tanyi Fuoching - MBA

Taylor Meyer - MBA


The Adams Apprenticeship Class of 2016

graduate students

Alain C. Glanzman - MBA

Alex Kaufman - MBA

Cameron Braun - MBA

Camille McGirt - Public Health

Charlotte Guice - MBA

Jamen Miller - MBA

Jonathan Huffman - MBA

Matthew Richmond - MBA

Michael Biron - MBA

Nicholas A. Richardson - MBA

Pierce Gaynor - MBA

Shannon Cummings - MBA, MPP

Tripp Burwell - MBA, Environmental Management


Asher Lipsitz - Business

Brent Comstock - Business

Bryce Pitts - History

Devin Hanaway - Business

Edgar Walker - School of Media and Journalism

Elliott Honeycutt - Physics

Fletcher Cox - Economics & Environmental Studies

Jack Paley - Business

Kassra Homaifar - Mathematics

Patrick Riess - Business

Samantha Petrie - Computer Science

Sean Peterson - Polical Science

Warren Feng - Economics

Carolina has been a terrific experience thus far, and participating in the Adam’s program with Professor Zoller and Ms. Rousset has certainly been a highlight for me. The program’s ability to bring a remarkable group of people together from across the business world in one physical location during the Gala in February is one of the many reasons that The Adams Apprenticeship is such a privilege to take part in.
Patrick Riess, Apprentice 2016

The Inaugural Class - 2015

The 31 students in the Class of 2015 consist of undergrads and graduate students from across the University of North Carolina.  After an extensive interview process, they were selected as UNC's high potential entrepreneurs.


Bard, Harrison  -  Junior--BSBA

DeForest, William Mitchell "Mitch"  -  Junior--BSBA

Doochin, Thomas Andrew  -  Junior--Public Policy

Helms, Austin Thomas  -  Junior--BSBA

Jarvis, William "Will"  -  Junior--English

Lubarsky, Adriel  -  Senior--BSBA

McGirt, Rachel Brencye  -  Junior--Political Science

Messados, Spyros  -  Senior--BSBA

Montgomery, Natanya L.  -  Junior--BSBA

Pershad, Mihir  -  Junior--Biochemistry

Piscitelli, Paul V.  -  Junior--BSBA

Robinette, Taylor  -  Junior

Spero, Sean  -  Junior--Economics

Wilhelm, Alexander "Alex"  -  Junior--BSBA


Almirall, Daniel  -  MBA '16

Ball, David  -  MBA '16

Bowman, Joseph "Joe"  -  MBA '15

Copp, Belton  -  MBA '16

Gants, Logan  -  MBA '16

Guice, Cameron Charles  -  MBA '15

Henriod, Jeff  -  MBA '15

Ibrahim, Sharif  -  MBA '15

Larkin, Robert Whittle "Whitt"  -  MBA '16

Low, Whitnie Alexandra  -  MBA '16

McMahon, Ricky  -  MBA '16

Molton, Jared  -  MBA '15

Outen, Daniel "Dan"  -  MBA '16

Petralia, Jacob "Jake"  -  MBA '16

Presnell, Lacy Stuart "Stuart"  -  MBA '16

Shankar, Sriram "Sri"  -  MBA '15

West, Sean  -  MBA '16