The Adams Network

The Adams Apprenticeship is a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurial network designed to create "big breaks." If you are a student or advisor in our program, please join our online network at


The Adams Apprenticeship program will grow into the most robust and impactful alumni network in the world for entrepreneurs.

Each year, 20-30 new high potential students will be selected from across UNC after an extensive interview process.  In addition, 30-50 proven entrepreneurial leaders will be recruited as advisors new advisors.  With new students and alums entering the program each year, the network is poised to become a game-changing program for UNC and our alumni network.

The Adam’s Apprenticeship is more or less a lifelong commitment, with the goal of connecting, mentoring, and learning from one another.
Devin Hanaway, Apprentice 2016


The challenge coin

Membership in the network is commemorated by a challenge coin.  Taken from a military tradition, the coins are available for the apprentices to give to individuals who help them open doors that lead to "big breaks" or significant career milestones.

Each coin is numbered, which allows for an innovative approach to motivating the performance of the network.  The apprentices will submit a narrative and then distribute the coin to recognize the act that supported a unique opportunity.  We collect these stories, and use them as a way to celebrate the achievements of our apprentices, and the commitment of our advisors.